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Gen-4 mmW 5G Silicon ICs - Shipping in Volume

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  • Industry's highest efficiency and linear power mmW 5G performance
  • Wideband performance covering 24 - 30 GHz and 37 - 43.5 GHz
  • Future ready with support up to 1.6 GHz IBW, 1% EVM, and 1024 QAM
  • Industry's lowest Rx NF for best EIS performance
  • Automatic temperature compensation across entire signal chain
  • Unique power detection IP and algorithms
  • Patented ZERO-CAL® to reduce array level calibration and improve line yield
Anokiwave | Enabling 5G and beyond.

A New Generation of ICs for Higher Network Performance, Lower Cost,
Smaller Form Factor, and Greener mmW 5G Radios

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