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Introducing our 4th Generation of mmW Silicon ICs

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  • NEW! Industry's highest efficiency and linear power performance
  • NEW! Multiple 5G bands in a single IC for fewer radio SKUs
  • NEW! Solution for every 5G band from 24 to 48 GHz
  • NEW! Supports high bandwidth 5G NR and 802.11 ac / ax waveforms
  • NEW! mmW Open RAN ready solution
  • New digital functions for array level optimization and DC power controls
  • Patented ZERO-CAL® to eliminate array level calibration and improve line yield
  • Patented Kinetic Green™ and Fast Beam Steering™ functions
Anokiwave | Enabling 5G and beyond.

A New Generation of ICs for Higher Network Performance, Lower Cost,
Smaller Form Factor, and Greener mmW 5G Radios

new 5G new bands soon!

New IC family in other mmW bands coming soon

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Other 5G Bands
New Family
Other 5G mmW bands

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