Anokiwave Expecting mmW 5G Market Tipping Point in 2022

Ke Lu Assoc. VP of Strategic Marketing
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5G mmW Market Tipping Point - It's Now

Anokiwave is predicting that mmW 5G will reach a crucial point where market demand will begin to exponentially rise and a tipping point will be reached where demand will balloon, creating a continual, upward curve. To support this influx in demand and surge in 5G use cases, critical mmW infrastructure, powered by IC platforms like Anokiwave’s new 5G Gen-4 family supporting intelligent arrays, will be required in abundance.

It is anticipated that both rising demand and the increasing deployment of base stations and critical infrastructure will see the 5G mmW market begin to boom, owing to several factors:

  • Network operators, enterprise, and governments see mmW 5G supporting global sustainability and net zero emissions goals due to improved bits per DC power resulting in a more efficient use of energy. Anokiwave will be introducing a family of ICs in 2022 with highest power, efficiency, multi-band, and Kinetic-Green™ technology all addressing the net zero emissions goals.
  • The number of mmW use cases will grow, from mobility and connected vehicles to fixed wireless access. Our IC family, optimized through multiple generations, leverage a unique architecture allowing manufactures to build scalable arrays with EIRP ranging from 30 dBmi to 70 dBmi, providing flexibility to optimize systems for different use cases -small cells, CPE, repeaters - and is important as the needs vary from application to application.
  • Enterprises will increasingly turn to private 5G networks, recognizing their benefits in supporting functions of smart factories, large offices, and other key hubs. These applications could require non-5G waveforms that are addressed by our front-end architecture with very wide signal bandwidths and higher orders of modulation.
  • The international market will begin to pick up, as similar deployment trajectories emerge in countries across Europe and Asia, from the United Kingdom to South Korea. The latest GSA spectrum update reports one hundred ninety-two operators in 48 countries are investing in mmW in the form of test/trials, acquisition of licenses, or planning/engaging in deployments. These markets open new and different and frequency bands all supported by our latest 5G Gen-4 IC platform.

Anokiwave is dedicated to enabling OEMs succeed in the mmW 5G market with key mmW 5G innovations that provide critical market solutions. We believe the success of mmW 5G is dependent on the right combination of innovation and cost effectiveness. A successful company will therefore have four key characteristics: it will be an innovator and a visionary; it will have a reputation as a reliable supplier; it will be easy to do business with; and deliver attractive pricing.

Download our latest report that details its view of the mmW 5G market, its benefits, and its future, followed by technical discussion of various tools and resources available to succeed in this market and how Anokiwave is enabling the mmW 5G radio market as a trusted supplier and partner for OEMs and ODMs.

mmW Phased Array Active Antenna Innovator Kits