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Importance of a Healthy mmW 5G Ecosystem

As the market demand for mmW 5G grows, there is a greater need for market readiness and choices for equipment and devices especially using the lower profile active antenna technology. However, mmW 5G active antenna design continues to be a challenge for most OEMs, system integrators, and radio manufacturers who have largely operated in sub-6 GHz technologies, posing a steep learning curve for utilizing mmW active antennas.

Anokiwave silicon core IC technologies have been used to enable mmW 5G radio systems since 2016 and are the underpinnings of large portion of deployed 5G networks today. Since then, each year Anokiwave has released new generations of silicon ICs in all mmW 5G bands, all of which are in volume production and used by industry’s leading players in fielded radios. Anokiwave’s ICs enable industry’s best performing, smallest form factor, lowest cost, and lowest DC power mmW 5G radios.

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