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mmW 5G for Everyone

The 5th Generation of wireless technology, also referred to as 5G, is changing the world of communications with ubiquitous high-quality connectivity and enabling new capabilities that will become the pillar of global innovation.

Within 5G there are two types of networks: sub-6 GHz and high frequency millimeter wave (mmW), sometimes referred to as ultra-wideband networks. Today, a large portion of 5G deployments is sub-6 GHz. However, with unsatiable demand for data and constant connectivity, mmW frequencies for higher data bandwidths, speed, and small form factor is essential. Operators worldwide clearly recognize the need for mmW networks and multiple operators have already started to rapidly deploy mmW 5G with network growth rate that is expected to far outpace sub-6GHz 5G deployments by orders of magnitude.

To build these mmW 5G networks in a cost, performance, and energy efficient way, mmW active antennas are an underlying technology that Anokiwave has been enabling before the 5G standards were fully defined. Anokiwave provides the mmW silicon ICs, active antenna support, and software level capabilities to make it easier for OEMs, ODMs, and network operators to easily build and deploy mmW 5G radios at a commercial scale.

This whitepaper provides a holistic view of the mmW 5G market, its benefits, and its future, followed by technical discussion of various tools and resources available to succeed in this market and how Anokiwave is enabling the mmW 5G radio market as a trusted supplier and partner for OEMs and ODMs.

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