AWMF-0224 24-30 GHz IF Transceiver IC

AWMF-0224 Dual Channel IF Transceiver IC Product Overview

NEW Dual Channel IF Transceiver IC

The AWMF-0224 is the industry’s first fully integrated dual channel IF up/down converter with integrated PLL/VCO LO synthesizer. The half-duplex IC integrates dual Tx single-sideband up-conversion, dual Rx image-reject down-conversion functionality, and an on-chip LO synthesizer that enables 2T2R applications within a single die. An on-chip frequency multiplier simplifies board-level integration for use with either an internal frequency synthesizer or an external PLL.

New features for this generation include on-chip selectable LO multiplication, high IF support, LO multiplexing to remove need for external switches for MIMO operation, and a high-power PA eliminating the need for an external driver IC.


  • 24.25 to 29.5 GHz operation
  • n258, n257, and n261 3GPP bands
  • Dual channel supporting dual pol with a single IC
  • On-chip LO synthesizer
  • On-chip selectable LO for multiple use cases
  • FC-CSP package and small footprint for low-cost arrays
  • Offers significantly better LO phase noise than commercial off the shelf available parts
  • Consider AWMF-0221 Dual Pol Quad 4x2 Beamformer IC for a full RF Solution


3GPP Compliant 5G communications arrays in the n258, n257, and n261 bands

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In Pre-Production