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mmW 5G Beamforming and Phased Array Basics

Active antenna beamforming at mmW bands is an essential technology required to realize the revolutionary new features and capabilities promised by 5G. This article discusses the basic active antenna beamforming concepts that form the heart of the mmW 5G system, as well as the general beamforming architectures used in active antennas.

Highly integrated silicon ICs, surface mounted at the antenna element, are the key to efficient arrays at the 5G mmW frequencies. Emerging applications – especially next–generation SATCOM and 5G applications – need active antenna beamforming technology at commercial and consumer price points to be successful. Anokiwave continues to execute on an aggressive strategy to deliver the technology needed for mmW systems with the industry's broadest portfolio of mmW ICs for 5G and SATCOM.

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