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Commitment to Reducing our Environmental Impact

The UN report on climate change concludes that the world needs to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C to avoid high risk of catastrophic consequences for people and the living environment.

As next-generations communications shift to 5G, in particular millimeter-wave, a greenfield technology, there is substantial opportunity to develop products that minimize environmental footprints while maximizing network performance. Anokiwave is committing to reducing our environmental impact and build a sustainable future with the following actions:

  • Bending the energy curve for our customers with industry-leading 5G and SATCOM ICs featuring dramatic DC efficiency improvements with each generation.
  • Developing unique IC architectures that enable low loss antenna designs for further energy savings that maximize consumption factor (EIRP/DC power).
  • Creating features such as Kinetic Green™ technology to further reduce DC power consumption in fielded 5G and SATCOM systems.
  • Selecting suppliers with commitments for sustainable silicon, packaging, assembly, and test technologies.
Anokiwave | Enabling a Sustainable World.

Creating A Sustainable World

Anokiwave | Bending the Energy Curve
Bending the Energy Curve

As mmW units are deployed with current technology available today, a large amount of energy is required to support these systems. Using Anokiwave’s silicon IC technology, we can bend the energy curve for our customers, continuing to support net-zero emissions goals for our customers.

November 17 is Anokiwave Climate Day
Anokiwave Climate Day

Anokiwave’s inaugural Climate Day is November 17, 2022, corresponding to this year’s UN climate summit, COP27, November 6-18 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. This first celebration will focus on employee awareness of sustainability and actions we can take in our everyday life to raise awareness.

Anokiwave is Joining the Small Business Tree Planting Program
National Forest Foundation

Anokiwave is part of the Small Business Tree Planting Partnership. The National Forrest Foundation has an active campaign to plant 50 million trees on National Forests in priority locations.