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Enabling the Growing 5G mmW Ecosystem Using Silicon mmW ICs

2020 saw the largest volume of millimeter-wave (mmW) ICs ever produced for 5G systems. A radical use case evolution is happening to make ubiquitous 5G possible by harnessing mmW spectrum to increase data speeds by orders of magnitude. With the 5G telecommunication ecosystem rapidly expanding across the globe, the number of use cases for mmW electronic steerable antennas is growing at a high rate. Antennas that are scalable in size and performance are critical to the successful roll-out of 5G services and at the heart of these antennas is mmW silicon technology. Anokiwave’s broad product portfolio of silicon ICs provides a scalable platform that supports multiple antenna use cases in all the 5G mmW frequency bands (n257, n258, n260, n261) enabling network service providers to offer high performance, affordable 5G service. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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