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Turning 5G Visions Into Reality

2019 was a huge year for 5G, it was the tipping point for all of the standardization work, technology development, spectrum auctions, and refining of use cases. The transition from field trials to initial commercial deployments started and 5G mmW networks were turned on in multiple locations. As more 5G networks and services go live in 2020 and beyond, we will start to see real benefits. For consumers, that means ultra-fast data and video performance, and consistent and reliable coverage for using richer applications. For enterprises and vertical industries, the very low latency of 5G means support for mission-critical data and video applications requiring real-time response. The wide–open millimeter–wave spectrum is where much of this innovation is set to occur.

Anokiwave is making the transition to mmW communications a reality by powering the 5G link with the industry’s most complete portfolio of Silicon mmW ICs with real 3GPP compliant commercial deployment Рenabling intelligent, scalable 5G antenna arrays optimized for each 5G use case.

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