Anokiwave Behind the Curtain - Part 4 - Looking to the Future

Ke Lu - Assoc. VP Strategic Marketing
  1. 5G, SATCOM, Active Antennas

As the market is converging to an integrated 5G network of networks, Anokiwave continues to focus on delivering a high-volume manufacturing platform that provides the lowest cost and highest performance to meet market demand.

5G and SATCOM communications are changing the way in which we communicate and paving paths to extraordinary opportunities.

2022 and beyond promises to very busy and exciting years for Anokiwave and the mmW market segments. The mmW 5G market will reach a crucial point where market demand will begin to exponentially rise and a tipping point will be reached where demand will balloon, creating a continual, upward curve. To support this influx in demand and surge in 5G use cases, the market will converge to an integrated 5G network of networks that includes 5G terrestrial systems with satellites playing an increasing role.

This is the final installment of a four-part series that looks behind the curtain at Anokiwave to see the magic behind our solutions and what makes us stand apart from others.

Part 4 – Looking to the Future

In this series, we have looked at the mmW market drivers and how they influence our product roadmap; our latest generation of 5G FR2 products that make mmW 5G easy for our customers; and most recently, how Anokiwave differentiates itself and enables our customers to succeed in this market.

In this blog, we describe what is next for Anokiwave as we continue to enable OEMs to succeed in all mmW markets.

In this blog, we describe three key drivers in the mmW 5G market and the way in which Anokiwave addresses those needs.

Ubiquitous Connectivity with Phased Array Active Antennas:

Exponential growth in demand for ubiquitous connectivity and continued explosion of 5G use cases will result in a unified network infrastructure that incorporates terrestrial 5G networks (both sub-6 and mmW) and large LEO constellations to increase the scale and scope of access to terrestrial networks.

In a 5G network, satellites are ideal to provide additional backhaul, to incorporate redundancy to critical segments, and to provide remote and rural areas with greater connectivity. The 3GPP standards body considers Non-Terrestrial Networks (including satellite services) as one area of expansion for 5G and has included 5G NR support for non-terrestrial networks in its recently released 3GPP Release 17.

A common intersection of these trends is the need to support both types of systems with mmW Phased Array Antennas. Anokiwave has been in this game for over 20 years, we have multiple generations of both SATCOM and 5G products in volume production, enabling us to offer OEMs unparalleled application expertise, leading to better array designs and faster time to market as well and most importantly, the experience to support our customers who are expanding their networks beyond traditional 5G or SATCOM use cases.

Anokiwave products have enabled multiple live satellite links and mmW 5G systems globally that are based on phased array antennas. Their performance, cost-effectiveness, and availability in volume enables customers to design, build, and deploy their systems with confidence in their choice of ICs for commercial success.

Anokiwave has expanded our business model to enable mass adoption and commercialization of mmW arrays to support this exponential growth and the ever-present need for ubiquitous connectivity. For many, the viability of mmW is a question of cost, knowhow, and technical expertise, spanning everything from waveforms and frequency bands to antenna power, sensitivity, and the size of arrays. Anokiwave is bridging these gaps. Through cutting-edge solutions and co-innovation with customers, we continue to continue to make our customers successful as the trusted source of innovative mmW solutions.

For additional information on our 5G and SATCOM products, tools, and resources, please visit our 5G page, our SATCOM page or schedule a meeting with us at a future event to learn more.