Anokiwave Behind the Curtain - Part 3 - Standing Apart and Enabling Customer Success

Abhishek Kapoor - VP Sales
  1. 5G, SATCOM, Active Antennas

Clarity of mission, diversified market segment, delivering the performance the market expects, and enabling our customers to succeed makes Anokiwave stand out from other ecosystem players.

5G and SATCOM communications are changing the way in which we communicate and paving paths to extraordinary opportunities.

Anokiwave’s belief is that starting in 2022, the mmW 5G will reach a crucial point where market demand will begin to exponentially rise and a tipping point will be reached where demand will balloon, creating a continual, upward curve. To support this influx in demand and surge in 5G use cases, critical mmW infrastructure will be required in abundance.

Anokiwave is dedicated to enabling OEMs succeed in the mmW 5G market with key mmW 5G innovations that provide critical market solutions. The success of mmW 5G is dependent on the right combination of innovation and cost effectiveness. A successful company will therefore have four key characteristics: it will be an innovator and a visionary; it will have a reputation as a reliable supplier; it will be easy to do business with; and deliver attractive pricing.

This is the third installment of a four-part series that looks behind the curtain at Anokiwave to see the magic behind our solutions and what makes us stand apart from others.

Part 3 – Anokiwave Standing Apart and Enabling Customers to Succeed

The convergence of an unprecedented demand for bandwidth and the continuing advancements in the silicon and active antenna markets is driving a disruptive and refreshing change to the industry. An exciting market like mmW 5G and SATCOM brings many new entries to the ecosystem.

In this blog, we describe how Anokiwave differentiates itself from others and how we help our customers win in the market with solutions that make their radios work.

In this blog, we describe three key drivers in the mmW 5G market and the way in which Anokiwave addresses those needs.

Clarity of Mission:

One thing that makes Anokiwave stand out is a clear, consistent problem that we are trying to solve. As a company, we have been very clear, and continue to maintain this direction, that we are an IC company, our goal is to provide mmW silicon ICs to enable Active Antennas at a commercial scale. 5G, SATCOM, Aerospace and Defense happen to be the markets that benefit the most from this goal. We are providing enabling ICs into these markets. This clarity of mission is what differentiates Anokiwave at the first level.

In this blog, we describe three key drivers in the mmW 5G market and the way in which Anokiwave addresses those needs.

Extensive mmW Experience in Multiple Market Segments:

The mmW experience, especially in silicon, that Anokiwave brings to the market is truly unique and un-matched. The levels of integration that we have recently introduced with the new AWMF-0224 IF Transceiver, the year-over-year generational performance improvements that we have delivered, and the ability to support customers at a high volume in mass scale – delivering the ICs in volume vs. showing power point or a datasheet specification is what makes us unique.

The ability to service multiple market segments enables us to bring innovations from each market segment and apply them to our products. This allows us to continuously leverage developments in all these segments and bring those developments into newer market segments, repurposing them for newer applications.

In this blog, we describe three key drivers in the mmW 5G market and the way in which Anokiwave addresses those needs.

Tools that Enable Customer Success:

Anokiwave is dedicated to enabling OEMs stay one step ahead using key 5G FR2 innovations and tools to enable our customers faster time to market with solutions that work.

  • Anokiwave Array Calculator:  The calculator accelerates time-to-market for manufacturers by selecting the right combination of components to build the most effective arrays possible. Tapping into data from almost 2,000 use cases, it offers key advice in relation to desirable frequency bands, antenna sizes, scan volumes, and more.
  • Algorithm to Antenna Characterization Tool:  Once a customer has an array concept in mind, our Algorithm to Antenna Characterization tool allows our customers an early look at the systemic antenna performance in a test environment that ultimately results in a faster time to market by ensuring first pass design success of complex, full signal chain, high power antennas.
  • Antenna Innovator Kits:  The innovator kits enable manufacturers to quickly prototype, develop, and introduce mmW 5G radios. The kits allow equipment manufacturers to evaluate array level performance of Anokiwave’s ICs, develop new mmW 5G NR radio front ends and, ultimately, accelerate their radio developments.

Over the 20+ years of delivering commercially deployed mmW ICs, Anokiwave has the experience and understanding of the nuances in developing commercially deployable mmW phased array antennas, unlike any other company, and is proven by the unique features of the ICs and tools that make our customers successful.

For additional information on our 5G products, tools, and resources, please visit our 5G page or schedule a meeting with us at IMS2022 to learn more.

Stay tuned for the final installment, part 4, of this series available soon.