Anokiwave Behind the Curtain - Part 2 - mmW 5G Gen-4 Family

Abhishek Kapoor - VP Sales
  1. 5G, Active Antennas

Anokiwave is the industry’s trusted choice for mmW innovative solutions that make our customers successful.

5G and SATCOM communications are changing the way in which we communicate and paving paths to extraordinary opportunities.

By the end of 2021, more than 600 million 5G connections had already been adopted – a figure that is expected to balloon to 1 billion by the end of 2023 and nearly 3 billion by the end of 2025.

With 5G mmW infrastructure poised to increase exponentially in the next few years, Anokiwave’s technology provides a comprehensive signal chain solution for 5G arrays optimized for each use case. Anokiwave’s latest IC family greatly pushes the levels of performance and cost to a point where network operators can start to accelerate the builds of greener, lower cost, and smaller form factor mmW 5G radios, for every 3GPP mmW band.

This is the second installment of a four-part series that looks behind the curtain at Anokiwave to see the magic behind our solutions and what makes us stand apart from others.

Part 2 – mmW 5G Gen-4 Family – Complete Solutions for all 5G Use Cases - built green

Combining the market inputs from our customers as discussed in part 1 of this blog, with the learning from our previous generations of ICs to advance the state of the art in RF and DC performance, Anokiwave has introduced both its 4th generation of high efficiency multi-band silicon IC beamformer ICs as well as industry’s first single-chip dual channel IF up/down converter with fully integrated LO synthesizer. This new Gen-4 IC family marks the continued year over year innovation and leadership delivering ICs that truly enable higher performing, lower cost, smaller form factor, and greener 5G radios.

The initial set of products in the family were introduced in earlier this year with ICs that cover 24 to 30 GHz. This new generation builds on the three generations of ICs that Anokiwave has delivered into the market and is being used by many OEMs as the trusted Silicon IC source for mmW 5G solutions.

In this blog, we describe the revolutionary and unique features of the family, and its benefits to 5G OEMs.

In this blog, we describe three key drivers in the mmW 5G market and the way in which Anokiwave addresses those needs.

Feature:  ICs that provide a combination of industry’s highest DC efficiency and linear power
Benefit to OEMs:  Smaller and lower cost radios with fewer ICs

This family offers a unique combination of industry’s highest efficiency AND linear power. Many ICs in the market offer good DC efficiency or high linear power – however, what is unique about this family is the combination of highest linear power and efficiency; this translates to fewer number of ICs, smaller radios, and lower cost radios.

In this blog, we describe three key drivers in the mmW 5G market and the way in which Anokiwave addresses those needs.

Feature:  Wideband performance covering multiple mmW 5G bands with single part
Benefit to OEMs:  Fewer SKUs with multiple mmW bands and faster time to market with newer radios

The first set of ICs that we have announced cover 24 to 30 GHz meaning one IC supports the n258, n257, and n261 FR2 bands without compromising performance across the band, while meeting all 3GPP specs, supporting high signal and 5G NR modulation bandwidths as well as 802.11ac/802.11ax waveforms for private wireless networks. This allows OEMs to have fewer radio SKUs covering multiple bands and allows them to introduce newer radios to market quickly due to the scalability of the ICs across bands.

In this blog, we describe three key drivers in the mmW 5G market and the way in which Anokiwave addresses those needs.

Feature:  Significant Cost Reduction
Benefit to OEMs:  Radios with lower total cost of ownership

This is especially important in the current market environment in which semiconductor prices and supply times are increasing. Gen-4 provides a path to lower cost compared to previous generations. This generation allows a reduced number of ICs due to the higher performance combined with a lower cost per IC, translating to significant cost reduction with this generation. Since 2016 Anokiwave has delivered 4 generations of ICs, with significant cost reductions in each generation. Over the last 6 years, we have delivered more than 95% total cost of ownership reduction to the customers.

In this blog, we describe three key drivers in the mmW 5G market and the way in which Anokiwave addresses those needs.

Feature:  Complete mmW to IF solution with LO synthesizer
Benefit to OEMs:  Ease of design with just two (2) IC types to build the entire mmW to IF 5G antenna front end

Anokiwave’s AWMF-0224 IF transceiver integrates a dual channel up and down converter with an LO synthesizer and a driver amplifier - 5 key signal chain functions integrated into a single IC. We believe there is not another IC in the market with this level of integration. If one envisions an Active Antenna system, a customer could build the entire mmW to IF function with just two IC types. This is the type of high performance and integration that Anokiwave is bringing to the market with the Gen-4 family.

To offer the customer proof points of our new family’s performance, our team is also building Antenna Innovator Kits with new Gen-4 ICs that show customers how to realize the best performance of our ICs. Our customers can see the performance expected at an array level even before they characterize the IC. That is the power of the IC plus antenna level solution that we offer to the market.

mmW phased array technology is a very challenging technology; our goal is to take the mmW complexity out of the equation, allowing our customers to operate their arrays as if they are sub-6 GHz modules in which they are plugging into their systems.

We want to make our customers successful in the market. By Anokiwave undertaking much of the heavy lifting associated with mmW in a simple, high quality, and reliable manner, our customers are freed up to focus on refining their solutions and achieving a faster time to market.

For additional information on our 5G products, tools, and resources, please visit our 5G page or schedule a meeting with us at IMS2022 to learn more.

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