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The explosive growth of communication systems has made spectrum a scarce resource. The drive for more bandwidth has saturated the traditional communications frequency bands. In response traditional satellite communications companies as well as some newcomers are scrambling to offer data services in the already licensed SATCOM Ku and K/Ka bands. In parallel with this are some new proposed “Stratelite” systems. Instead of space-based satellites, a network of balloons or drones can be created to produce a similar data communications system.

Multi-channel silicon beamformer ICs are now recognized as being fundamental to reducing the cost of the active antennas as the way to commercialize phased arrays. The combination of high-performance silicon processes together with advanced analog and digital design techniques has accelerated the adoption of mmW ICs to the extent that advanced SATCOM networks are now anticipated several years earlier than the industry originally projected.

As the market leader in silicon ICs for mmW silicon ICs for SATCOM antennas, Anokiwave is delivering the technology needed for SATCOM networks with our second generation K/Ka-Band IC family available now with Ku-Band coming soon.

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Our second generation SATCOM IC family at Ku-Band is coming soon. Request Information.

From IC to array. Anokiwave can enable your mmW system.

As the market leader in mmW silicon ICs for satellite communications, Anokiwave continues to execute on an aggressive strategy to deliver the technology needed for LEO/MEO/GEO SATCOM as well as Satellite-on-the-Move applications with our second generation of 5G ICs that enable a new world of ubiquitous global SATCOM connectivity with cost and performance improvements that make SATCOM a commercial reality.

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The World’s Most Advanced Active Antenna Solutions for SATCOM

Market Band Product
Freq. Range Tx
Package Description
Active Antennas
Ku-Band Silicon Core BFIC AWMF-0146 10.7 - 12.75 GHz   WLCSP NEW! 4-element Dual Pol Rx Quad Core BFIC
AWMF-0147 13.75 - 14.6 GHz   WLCSP NEW! 4-element Dual Pol Tx Quad Core BFIC
AWMF-0117 10.5 - 16.0 GHz 12 dBm 3 dB WLCSP Intelligent Gain Block w/SW
K-Band Silicon Core BFIC AWS-0102 17.7 - 20.2 GHz 3.4 dB QFN 4-element Dual Pol Rx Quad Core BFIC
AWMF-0132 17.7 - 20.2 GHz 2.0 dB WLCSP NEW! 4-element Dual Pol Rx Quad Core BFIC
Ka-Band Silicon Core BFIC AWMF-0109 27.5 - 30.0 GHz 12 dBm QFN 4-element Dual Pol Rx Quad Core BFIC
AWMF-0133 27.5 - 30.0 GHz 8 dBm WLCSP NEW! 4-element Dual Pol Rx Quad Core BFIC
PA IC AWP1102 28.0 - 30.0 GHz 34.6 dBm QFN 3W High Power Amplifier MMIC
SATCOM Active Antenna IC Solutions

New! AWMF-0146
New ! AWMF-0147

New! AWMF-0132

New! AWMF-0133