AWS-0105 X-Band Tx/Rx Beamformer IC

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X-Band Single Beam Tx/Rx Beamformer IC

The AWS-0105 is a highly integrated silicon quad core IC intended for radar and 5G phased array applications. The device supports four radiating elements, single beam transmit and receive, and includes all requisite beam steering controls for 6 bit phase and gain control for beam steering and shaping.

When combined with the X-Band FEIC, the chip set is a plug and play antenna solution that reduces SWaP-C for high power AESA RADARs. The BFIC features direct SPI programming of gain and phase and the ability to daisy chain SPI control between multiple ICs. It operates from a single positive power supply.


  • 8.5 to 10.55 GHz operation
  • Supports 4 radiating elements
  • Single beam Rx
  • Single beam Tx
  • High linearity
  • 6-bit phase and gain control
  • Fast Beam steering


Commercial and Weather Radars, 5G Communications


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