AWMF-0144 37-40 GHz Single Pol Quad 4x1 Beamformer IC

AWMF-0144 Tx Beamformer IC Product Overview

37-40 GHz Single Pol Quad 4x1 Tx Beamformer IC

The AWMF-0144 is a highly integrated silicon quad core Tx IC intended for 5G phased array applications. The device supports four radiating elements, includes 5 bit phase control and 5 bit gain control for analog RF beam steering. The device includes gain compensation over temperature, temperature reporting, Tx power telemetry, and fast beam switching using on-chip beam weight storage registers. The device features ESD protection on all pins, operates from a +1.8 V and 2.5 V supply, and is packaged in a WLCSP (wafer level chip scale package) for easy flip chip installation in planar phased array antennas.

The Gen-1 ICs were the first commercially available mmW 5G beamformer ICs for 5G system development and were the baseline for many 5G developments in 2016-2019.


  • 37.1 to 40 GHz operation
  • n260 3GPP band
  • Supports 4 radiating elements
  • 5 bit phase and gain control
  • Fast beam steering
  • WLCS package for easy flip-chip installation


3GPP Compliant 5G communications arrays in the n260 band

Additional Resources

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Not recommended for new designs