AWA-0213 n26-30 GHz mmW-IF Dual Pol Antenna Kit

AWA-0213 Active Antenna Innovator's Kit Product Overview

Dual Pol 32-Element mmW to IF Active Antenna Innovator's Kit

The AWA-0213-PAK is a complete mmW to IF dual pol antenna design for mmW 5G radios. This kit is intended to help 5G equipment manufacturers evaluate the array level performance of Anokiwave ICs, develop new mmW 5G NR radio front ends, and introduce their arrays into the market quickly.

The kit is designed using Anokiwave’s Generation 3 Beamformer and IF Up/downconverter ICs that provide industry leading array level performance. As a baseline, the kit is designed to offer high linear EIRP at wide 3GPP bandwidths. The design can be easily customized to meet equipment manufacturer’s specific 5G radio requirements.


  • mmW to IF Phased Array Kit for 5G-NR
  • 24.25 to 29.5 GHz operation
  • n257, n258, and n261 3GPP bands
  • mmW to IF antenna front end: includes beamformer ICs and integrated IF up/down converters and port for external LO connection
  • Passively cooled mechanical enclosure with a single regulated power supply with a fast SPI control interface

Array ICs

  • AWMF-0200 Dual Pol Quad 4x2 Beamformer IC including patented Zero-Cal® for calibration free arrays
  • AWMF-0188 IF Up/Down Converter IC with fully integrated sideband and image rejection


The Phased Array Antenna Innovator Kit simplifies the overall radio development by providing a baseline design enabling a quick launch of new 5G products.


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