Anokiwave Climate Day 2022

Meaghan Pratt, Director HR
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Anokiwave | Climate Day 2022

Anokiwave’s inaugural Climate Day is November 17, 2022, corresponding to this year’s UN climate summit, COP27, held November 6-18 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Our first celebration will focus on employee awareness of sustainability and actions we can take in our everyday life to raise awareness.

Each of us is becoming aware, like it or not, that change is happening. The increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is threatening civilization. At the end of 2021, the global concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is more than 415 ppm, an increase of more than 25 percent in just 50 years. To reverse this trend and preserve the climate we all depend on, it needs to decrease dramatically in the next decade.

To consider how we can each reduce our environmental impact and build a sustainable future, Anokiwave will host an annual Climate Day on November 17, 2022. This year’s activities include:

  • To encourage awareness and as a fun exercise, we invite our employees to calculate their carbon footprint using the online Carbon Calculator created by the CoolClimate Network whose mission is to massively scale up the adoption of climate solutions. By understanding each of our impacts, we can start to think of ways in which we can personally reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Anokiwave is joining The National Forest Service Small Business Tree Planting Partnership. The National Forest Foundation is on a mission to plant 50 million trees across the national forests. One tree can absorb approximately 25 kg of CO2 per year, or a metric ton of CO2 over its 100-year lifetime. To encourage awareness to our employees, we plan to contribute additional funds to the foundation for every employee that uses the carbon calculator.
  • Encourage team members to think of the carbon footprint as they go about their day at work and offer ideas on ways Anokiwave can improve our impact.

Together as a team, we can make an impact for future generations.

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