AWMF-0116 Ka-Band Si Core IC

AWMF-0116 Ka-Band Silicon Multi-Function Core IC

  • 26-30 GHz operation
  • Flexible configuration:
       single/dual antennas
       external front-end
  • Tx/Rx half duplex operation
  • Single antenna for Tx and Rx
  • 6 bit phase and gain control

AWMF-0116 Product Overview



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The AWMF-0116 is a highly integrated silicon core IC for active steerable antenna arrays (AESA) intended for SATCOM, RADAR and TDD/FDD applications. The device has switchable outputs and can support half-duplex operation. It features +18 dB transmit channel gain with +12 dBm adjustable P1dB output power, +24 dB receive channel gain, with 6 dB noise figure. 6-bit amplitude and 6-bit phase controls are included with low RMS amplitude and phase errors.

  • 26-30 GHz operation
  • +12 dBm Tx OP1 dB (adjustable)
  • +18 dB Tx gain
  • +24 dB Rx gain
  • 5.0 dB Rx NF
  • -16 dBm Rx IIP3
  • 6 bit phase control (LSB=5.625°)
  • 6 bit gain control (LSB = 0.5 dB)
  • 300 mW DC Tx mode
  • 220 mW DC Rx mode
  • 4 mW DC Standby mode
  • 2.5 x 2.5 mm WLCS package

Multi-function silicon IC for RADAR arrays, SATCOM arrays, TDD/FDD arrays