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Anokiwave Gen-2 K/Ka-Band Silicon Beamformer ICs

Anokiwave improves K/Ka band SATCOM performance and reduce system cost with 2nd Gen Beamformer ICs

AWMF-0132/3 SATCOM Gen-2 ICs

San Diego, CA, 22 January 2019:  Anokiwave, Inc., today announced the worldwide release of the 2nd generation K/Ka-Band SATCOM Beamformer IC family for the design and commercial deployment of phased array-based ground terminals. The new K/Ka-Band ICs enable active antenna based phased array SATCOM ground terminals that can auto-align and auto-position and support SATCOM-on-the-move using LEO/MEO/GEO satellites.

The new IC family builds on our 1st generation of beamformer ICs, improving performance, reducing cost, and providing a host of digital functionality that simplifies the active antenna array design. The highly integrated AWMF-0132 K-Band Rx IC and the AWMF-0133 Ka-Band Tx IC both support four dual polarization radiating elements with full polarization flexibility. Using a small 4.4 mm x 3.6 mm WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) makes the overall phased array assembly and thermal management even easier.

“High-performance with system level design considerations and low cost are fundamental to making mass scale commercial deployment of SATCOM active antennas and phased arrays a reality,” states Abhishek Kapoor, Anokiwave VP of Sales. “Our new K/Ka-Band beamformers set a new and unmatched industry standard of performance and cost combination. We already have multiple SATCOM customers successfully building and deploying arrays using the new ICs. We are pleased to receive extremely positive feedback about these parts and to see our customers achieve first pass success with their arrays with these new ICs.”

The AWMF-0132 and AWMF-0133 are available to the general market. Please visit for additional information.

Anokiwave offers evaluation kits for ease of adoption of the technology and capabilities. The kits include boards with the IC, USB-SPI Interface module with drivers, and all required cables. Pilot production deliveries are available now.

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Anokiwave is a cutting-edge provider of highly integrated IC solutions that enable emerging mmW markets and Active Antenna based solutions. Anokiwave’s creative system architectures and optimal selection of semiconductor technologies solve the toughest engineering problems.

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