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Anokiwave 5G 3GPP n258 (24.25 – 27.5 GHz) IC Family

Anokiwave features the industry’s most complete portfolio of 24/26 GHz silicon ICs for 5G networks.

Industry's most complete portfolio of 24/26 GHz silicon ICs for 5G networks

San Diego CA, 29 May 2019:  As the commercial launch of 5G services rapidly approaches and with the U.S. FCC Auction 102 (24 GHz Band) just completing – raising over $2B, Anokiwave is showcasing its portfolio of 24/26 GHz ICs for 5G applications at IMS2019 in Boston, MA, USA.

Anokiwave introduced its initial family of 24/26 GHz Beamformer ICs in 2017, followed by the AWA-0142, a 256-Element reconfigurable active antenna for rapid prototyping and testing of electronically beam-steered radio links in the 24/26 GHz band and its 3GPP compliant ICs in 2018. This year, Anokiwave builds on these generations with a full RF signal chain that improves performance, reduces cost, and provides a host of digital functionality that simplifies the active antenna array design. The AWMF-0165 Tx/Rx beamformer IC supports dual polarization architectures while adding new and enhanced features to make 3GPP compliant cutting-edge performance even easier while the AWMF-0170 up/down converter IC provides frequency conversion functionality and a x4 LO multiplier all integrated into a single IC.

The 3GPP n258 band (24.25 – 27.5 GHz), called the 24 GHz band in the U.S. and the 26 GHz band in Europe, China, and Australia, is likely to be the first of the mmW bands to be allocated internationally on a widespread basis for wireless broadband services. While it is only one of several bands being considered in current international studies, it has been the subject of heaviest focus for studies and has also garnered the most interest among countries for initial mmW wireless broadband deployments.

“With the 24 GHz auction in the U.S, and the recent announcement by the EU to standardize on 26 GHz for 5G, we see this band as critical in the roll-out of 5G world-wide,” states Alastair Upton, Anokiwave Chief Strategy Officer. “With over five years of focused innovation and three generations of ICs, Anokiwave is uniquely qualified to help make mmW 5G in this band a commercial reality.”

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Anokiwave will be participating in the 5G summit and the exhibition at IMS2019 in Boston, MA, USA, June 2-9, 2019. Visit our both #223 to learn more about the industry’s most complete portfolio of Silicon ICs for mmW 5G systems. To schedule an appointment with us, please visit

Anokiwave is a cutting-edge provider of highly integrated IC solutions that enable emerging mmW markets and Active Antenna based solutions. Anokiwave’s creative system architectures and optimal selection of semiconductor technologies solve the toughest engineering problems.

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