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SATCOM Market Overview

Anokiwave delivers Silicon based SATCOM beamformer ICs in volume, in both Ku and Ka- bands with proven performance in commercially deployed SATCOM terminals.

The SATCOM world is growing fast and there is a growing need for low profile, high performance and low-cost SATCOM user terminals.

User terminals must reach price points similar to Wi-Fi products to drive the mass scale adoption of these services.

Anokiwave has prepared this whitepaper to provide insight to this new SATCOM market dynamic that discusses:

  • A complete overview of the SATCOM market drivers
  • How the market is defining the user terminals for the systems
  • Ways in which Anokiwave enables SATCOM terminals
  • A look into the future of coexistence and new generations of solutions

An overview of this whitepaper is also covered in our latest SATCOM Market Overview blog series.

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