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Revolutionizing the mmWave 5G Business Case

Anokiwave's Beamforming ICs enable small form factor, low power, high performing mmWave 5G radios that close the mmWave 5G business case.

The use of mmWave frequency is inevitable to achieve the full potential of 5G.

While mmWave 5G offers immense potential in terms of bandwidth, user capacity, and quality of service, developing a commercially realizable mmWave ecosystem has multiple challenges for providers. Using many of the mmWave 5G solutions in the market today, the mmWave 5G business case often does NOT close, leading many to believe that mmWave is not the right solution to satisfy the immense (and growing) demand for data. Anokiwave’s IC technology is changing this perception.

Anokiwave has prepared this whitepaper to provide an overview of the state of mmWave 5G as it exists today, followed by an analysis of how Anokiwave, with our latest technology has taken the mmWave 5G business case discussion from a typical small-scale (experimental) deployment to an accessible technology for mass scale deployment, which most importantly closes the mmWave 5G business case.

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