Nitin Jain, Founder and CTO

Nitin Jain
Chief Technology Officer, Founder, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Nitin Jain received B.Tech. in Electronics from the IIT, Madras, India in 1986, and MS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the RPI, Troy, NY, the USA in 1989 and 1991, respectively. His Ph.D. work focused on control devices and received the MTT-S graduate student fellowship award.

Dr. Jain joined MACOM Corporate R&D in 1991 with a focus on electromagnetic (EM) modeling for microwave and millimeter wave circuit design. Among other projects, Dr. Jain was the technical lead of a team that designed the 77GHz automotive radar module for cruise control application. This was widely acclaimed as a great technical achievement and to-date remains a spectacular example of module integration and innovation for industrialization using predictive physical-modeling work.

From 1998 to 2000, Dr. Jain served as Assistant Professor in the ECE department of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India; and then joined Anokiwave, a company that he founded in San Diego, CA. Under his leadership, Anokiwave designed multiple mm-wave System-on-Chip products for commercial and military markets, including a fully integrated FMCW automotive radar, another mm-wave IC for commercial satellite internet in QFN package, multiple beam-forming IC and other highly integrated ICs.

Anokiwave products today serve a broad audience: Aerospace and defense phased arrays, satellite communication, and 5G active antenna - many of which are high volume parts. “Firsts” for the company include first to sell commercially 5G antenna beam forming ICs at 26GHz, 28GHz, and 39GHz, and teaming with an industry partner, “first” commercial phased arrays at 24 and 28GHz.

Dr. Jain is an IEEE Fellow and is presently the CTO and Chairman of the Board of Anokiwave with over 37 publications in international conferences and journals, and more than 35 granted and pending US patents.

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Nitin Jain, Founder and CTO