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Since 1999, Anokiwave has been designing highly integrated circuits for a variety of challenging applications.

We have a successful history of first pass success through partnerships with our customers during the design phase. We adhere to a strict code of ethics to protect our customer’s intellectual property.

Anokiwave offers design services that are provided by our team of established industry experts. Technologies supported include SiGe, CMOS, GaAs, and GaN. Our team has decades of experience designing a wide range of custom ICs for applications as diverse as military space to high volume commercial. We specialize in highly integrated circuits that are rich in features and capability. We also provide systems engineering support so that we can best meet our customer’s system requirements while allowing them to extract the widest range of features that our advanced processes have to offer.

We provide full EM, statistical yield, and temperature analysis on all our designs. Our goal is to make the customer an active part of the design process.

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Packaging and Test

Anokiwave operates as a one-stop shop to meet all of our customers’ needs. We not only design the custom ICs but we manage the entire supply chain including wafer fabrication, on-wafer testing, packaging, and test. Our test services include on-wafer DC and RF characterization, high volume socket testing of packaged parts, and solder down testing where the parts are mounted to connectorized carriers. We can provide break-out RF test fixtures so our customers can see how the parts operate while mounted in the end item configuration with full digital control. Packaging styles supported include open die, plastic QFN, ceramic, and hermetic packages.

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