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SATCOM Looking to the Future - Full Report

The SATCOM world is growing fast. The need for global connectivity has never been more pressing. As terrestrial networks evolve to 5G to meet this need, many operators are realizing that mobile networks cannot by themselves achieve global coverage without assistance from satellite constellations over the oceans and remote land areas. Such ubiquity is becoming essential in how industries compete and generate value, how people communicate and interact, and how militaries pursue security for their citizens.

This new blog series provides a complete overview of the SATCOM market drivers, how the market is defining the user terminals for the systems, how Anokiwave enables SATCOM terminals, and a look into the future of coexistence and new generations of solutions.

In this latest installment of the series, Part 4, we discuss:

  • The future needs of the market as it converges to an integrated 5G network of networks that include terrestrial and non-terrestrial systems.
  • New use cases evolving that demonstrate 5G and SATCOM convergence and coexistence, and how Anokiwave enables both markets with high-performance, highly integrated IC platforms in commercial volumes that are compact, cost effective, and deliver faster time-to-market for OEMs.

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