Request 28 GHz 5G Gen-3 IC Data

Anokiwave is announcing a new family of third generation 5G silicon ICs. The first IC in the family, the AWMF-0151, is a 28 GHz quad-core IC that can operate as a dual polarization 4 channel beamformer IC or as a single polarization 8 channel beamformer IC.

The new IC operates over the 3GPP n257 (26.50 – 29.50 GHz) and n261 (27.50 – 28.35 GHz) frequency bands. With low-cost materials, embedded ZERO-CAL™, fast beam steering and KINETIC-GREEN™ technologies, field health monitors for remote monitoring, as well as the continued drive to higher power efficiency, this new IC family will have a pronounced effect on enabling service providers to manage the capital expenses and the operating expenses to make ubiquitous 5G a reality.

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