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Silicon Core ICs for mmWave Active Antennas
  1. Abhishek Kapoor
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, Core ICs, SATCOM
Anokiwave: A True Growth Story and Standing Apart from the Noise

The excitement around mmW is understandable; its growth rate is like none other in our market. The convergence of an unprecedented demand for bandwidth and the continuing advancements being made in the silicon industry is driving a disruptive and refreshing change to the industry. An exciting market like mmW brings many new entries so we must always ask ourselves – how is Anokiwave differentiating ourselves in the market? The answer comes down to three things...

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Silicon Core ICs for mmWave 5G Active Antennas
  1. Ke Lu
  2. 5G, Core ICs
mmW 5G Spectrum Auctions Aim for Higher Frequencies

Expectations for 5G are massive. Data transfer rates must far exceed any previous wireless communications technology and will require advanced wireless communications technology and more far more bandwidth than earlier generations to accommodate the massive amounts of data that will move from one point to another. To meet this demand, wireless service providers are looking to the mmW frequencies. Since 2018, FCC auctions for 5G mmmW frequency bands have returned over $10B in licensing fees, representing one of the largest investments in frequency spectrum at one time. Anokiwave is enabling the 5G ecosystem for this investment in the mmW spectrum with ICs featuring scalable architectures that support multiple use cases at all mmW bands.

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Silicon Core ICs for mmWave 5G Active Antennas
  1. Alastair Upton
  2. 5G
What is new at Anokiwave - 20 Years Celebration and mmWave 5G is now a Commercial Reality

Today, as Anokiwave celebrates the 20th anniversary of its founding, and with millions of ICs having been shipped in collaboration with our semiconductor foundry partners, mmWave 5G strategy has been proven correct. The 5G market is developing more quickly than anyone expected, and satcom infrastructure opportunities have blossomed as well, driven by traditional satellite communications companies and others who are scrambling to offer data services in the licensed Ku and K/Ka bands. Meanwhile, the capabilities and performance of silicon ICs have advanced by leaps and bounds.

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mmW ICs for all 5G bands
  1. Ke Lu
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, Silicon Core IC
5G is here.. Are you ready?

5G is here and on everyone’s minds – whether it’s news from the regulatory groups about standards or bands of operation or a new product or trial, we see it everywhere. We last wrote that 2017 was the year of 5G – 5G trials, announcements, and demos – all contributing to the excitement. 2018 is shaping up to be the year of “5G is happening and here”. This article summarizes the 2018 5G excitement – including the FCC decision on the plan for the 28 GHz, 24/26 GHz, and 37/39 GHz auctions during its August 2nd meeting.

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