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Silicon Core ICs for mmWave 5G Active Antennas
  1. Alastair Upton
  2. 5G
What is new at Anokiwave - 20 Years Celebration and mmWave 5G is now a Commercial Reality

Today, as Anokiwave celebrates the 20th anniversary of its founding, and with millions of ICs having been shipped in collaboration with our semiconductor foundry partners, mmWave 5G strategy has been proven correct. The 5G market is developing more quickly than anyone expected, and satcom infrastructure opportunities have blossomed as well, driven by traditional satellite communications companies and others who are scrambling to offer data services in the licensed Ku and K/Ka bands. Meanwhile, the capabilities and performance of silicon ICs have advanced by leaps and bounds.

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mmW ICs for all 5G bands
  1. Ke Lu
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, Silicon Core IC
5G is here.. Are you ready?

5G is here and on everyone’s minds – whether it’s news from the regulatory groups about standards or bands of operation or a new product or trial, we see it everywhere. We last wrote that 2017 was the year of 5G – 5G trials, announcements, and demos – all contributing to the excitement. 2018 is shaping up to be the year of “5G is happening and here”. This article summarizes the 2018 5G excitement – including the FCC decision on the plan for the 28 GHz, 24/26 GHz, and 37/39 GHz auctions during its August 2nd meeting.

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Ku- and Ka-Band Intelligent Gain Blocks
  1. Abhishek Kapoor
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, SATCOM, Intelligent Gain Block
Redefining traditional single function gain blocks with mmWave Intelligent Gain Blocks™

In the July, 2018 edition of Microwave Journal, Anokiwave wrote an article featuring our latest product family – Intelligent Gain Block™ ICs, a versatile IC family that can be used in a wide range of applications for SATCOM, RADAR, 5G, and sensing.

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Commercializing Active Antennas
  1. Abhishek Kapoor
  2. 5G, Active Antennas, Intelligent Gain Block, SATCOM
What is new at Anokiwave - mmW Active Antenna Commercialization and Intelligent Gain Blocks™

Recently, Anokiwave VP of Sales Abishek Kapoor sat down with Microwave Journal editors Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude to talk about Intelligent Gain Blocks, the 5G market readiness, and IMS2018. The following are highlights from the interview:

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