Phil Stathas Board of Advisors

Phil Stathas
Board of Advisors

For nearly 35 years, Phil Stathas has held various roles in Information Technology supporting companies within the Semiconductor, Health Sciences and Global Supply Chain and Logistics Services sectors.

Phil recently became Chief Information Officer at Allegro MicroSystems, LLC, a leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing high-performance semiconductors. Allegro is headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) with design, applications, and sales support centers located worldwide. Beyond his technical expertise in ERP, MES and CAD applications gained in IT management positions at MACOM, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Raytheon, Phil's leadership qualities, communication abilities and business management skills have furthered the success of the IT organization and the organizations he has supported.

Phil’s strong vision, leadership and direction for the IT organization and development of short and long-term Information Technology strategies have supported the Allegro’s business plans in an effort to maintain its competitive position.

Phil holds a BS in Computer Science from Boston College and an MS in Computer Science from Boston University. Originally a Boston-based resident, Phil now resides in Leominster, MA with his wife and three children. A first-generation Greek descendant, Phil is fluent in the Greek language and is actively involved in the Greek and Orthodox community.

Phil Stathas Board of Advisors