Typical Applications

All applications requiring passive components such as  inductors, baluns, capacitors, wirebonds and chip packages.


We have extensive experience in accurate model development of on-chip inductors using electromagnetic simulations (EM). With our proprietary technique of model extraction and EM modeling technique of thick metals, we can develop inductor models that would be within +-2% in frequency and +-2% in Q of measurements. We have developed these models from mobile phone applications to automotive radar applications and have found excellent predictability of the measured performance. In RF filter designs we have accurately predicted up to 60 dB of rejection using these models and EM simulation techniques.  We can develop scalable models that can be used in ADS or Cadence.

We have also used EM modeling methods for baluns,  wirebonds and packages.

Key Features
  • Good inductance accuracy (+/- 2%)
  • Good Q accuracy (+/- 2%)
  • Good loss accuracy (+/- 2%)
  • Wide modeling frequency range
  • Scalable library development
Typical Inductor Model
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  NOTE: Design specifications are subject to change. Anokiwave does not warranty any of the listed performance.